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Jack La Lane, Breville or Hamilton Beach Juicers

December 22 2015, 10:15am

Posted by Angela Davis

Jack La Lane, Breville or Hamilton Beach Juicers

Are you shopping for a good quality juicer? My top choices are Jack La Lane, Breville or Hamilton Beach Juicers. They have a few things in common. For example, speed, power and ease of cleaning. I have written a comparison post on these three brands.

Jack La Lane Fruit Juicer

There’s a variety to choose from, but whatever you pick, you can be guaranteed of the following:

  1. At 3600 rotations per minute, they’re made for the on-the-go kind of person. In 5 seconds, you’ll have a glass of fresh juice ready to drink. And for all that, you get 30% more juice than with a regular juicer – it’s highly efficient and dries out pulp almost completely.
  2. The large feeding tube means that you don’t have to pre-chop anything; even whole apples go in easily.
  3. Assembly is easy and so is taking it apart too. It means you can clean them in a breeze. They’re also dishwasher safe; all you have to do after juicing is take the juicer apart and throw it in (not the motor!) with the rest of the load.
  4. Regular juicers make a racket – not Jack La Lanes. It’s not whisper quiet, but you don’t have to shout over it to get heard.
  5. Their parts are made of stainless steel – you’ll never get any rust on them. As an aside, watch out for a juicer that shows any signs of rusting; that rust goes straight into your juice.

Breville Fruit Juicer

Breville has a range, but their juicers have some excellent common qualities:

  1. They come with a large feeding chute – no need to chop veggies or fruits before you put them in. Whole apples in and good chunks of vegetables get you excellent results –really smooth juice.
  2. They’re easy to take apart and clean. Except the motor, the parts are all dishwasher safe. Try to always run water over your juicer immediately after use so that little bits don’t dry and stick and become harder to clean.
  3. You get a whole range of horsepower depending on which juicer you choose, but you are guaranteed of speed. The slowest that Breville has to offer gives you a glass of juice in about 10 seconds – it comes at 850 horsepower.
  4. The feed tubes on Brevilles are large enough for whole fruit and veggies – it saves you time in chopping and dicing before juicing. Just to give you an idea, a whole carrot or a whole apple go in easy. And there’ll be no lumps; they work the juice to a smooth consistency.
  5. You get a juicing pitcher which means you can get the juice off the juicer and directly into a glass. Depending on what you choose too, you can get a Breville that’s good to for large occasions – that makes a lot of juice at once. Read the review on Breville JE98XL.

Hamilton Beach Fruit Juicer

As far as juicers go, you’re on the right track with the Hamilton Beach brand.

  1. They make the highest horsepower juicer – if you want speed and efficiency, their 1.1 juicer horsepower is sure to give you just that.
  2. You don’t need to chop up anything – they take in pretty large chunks of fruit and vegetables quite easily.
  3. Hamilton Beach juicers are easy to assemble and take apart which makes cleaning easy. Since they can be chunky depending on what you choose, it means you can use them and then keep them away to create room on your kitchen counter.
  4. The brand is made with lids that latch on – you don’t have to hang on to the lid the whole time that you’re juicing.
  5. Its inner stainless steel parts make sure that you never get any rust. Fresh squeezed juice is a must for healthy living today, and the fact that there never seems to be enough time means that you want to get a juicer that will get you juice on the go.

Go for a Jack La Lane, Breville or Hamilton Beach fruit juicer and you’ll get exactly want you’re looking for – great nutrition at great speed.